Can you holster the LIGHTMAG?

Yes! We’re currently already in development on the LIGHTMAG holster that is also compatible with the FLUX brace.

Does LIGHTMAG turn my Pistol into an AOW/SBR? Is it a foregrip?

No, it does not turn your weapon into an AOW/SBR as it is not a vertical foregrip. The LIGHTMAG is simply a light and mag carrier designed around the magazine. There is no designed texture for gripping and the hand stop is only to keep your hands below the muzzle while pushing the on/off button or removing the mag.

Although it is not foregrip at all, angled foregrips are legal on pistols. ATF has stated it is legal to put angled foregrips on a pistol (different angle than 90 degrees to the bore). Refer to various ATF letters online. As a company, we can’t offer legal advice. Refer to all local, state, and federal laws.

Will the LIGHTMAG hold other lights?

We have a universal pistol light version coming soon that will fit most Glock and other handgun lights. (Patent Pending)


FLUX Brace Compatible Pistols:

Glock 17, 19x, 22, 31, 34, 35 Only Gen 4-5

Does not work with GEN 1-3 or the G19, Large frame Glocks (10mm/45 ACP) or Polymer80 frames.

We are currently working on one for G19, Sig 320, 10mm/45 ACP Glocks, and other pistol brands. To stay up to date with newly released models, please join our mailing list and visit our instagram.

Gen 3 is not compatible, fitment is different. We’re working on a version for Gen 3’s in the future so stay tuned.

10mm/.45 will be coming.

You can’t use the brace along with a backstrap on any glock.

We don’t recommend stippling where the brace comes in contact with the Glock but its up to you. fitment is very tight and could damage stippling.

Extended slide releases will not work.

Will you make models for other pistols?

Yes we’ve got a lot in the works! Stay tuned!

Is it Legal?

Pistol braces are legal. The Flux Brace is designed as a pistol brace for a pistol. It is neither designed nor intended to be a stock.

As a manufacturer we cannot give you legal advice. Each person is responsible for knowing the federal, state and local laws.

We do get a lot of questions regarding ATF letters.

ATF brace letters are often misunderstood. Most letters actually only specify approval for the recipient and that specific firearm, and yet in practice the braces are used on many different types of pistols such as ARs, PDWs, and handguns (Glocks). If you are going off letters for approval the ATF would essentially have to issue thousands of letters covering each brace on each possible weapon it could be placed on.

It is more important that the product is designed and manufactured as a brace and not as a stock. Remember, there are already other braces designed for and/or being used on Glocks and other handguns, and these do not have specific ATF letters for those weapons.

In fact, most recent braces don't have a specific letter, including those for ARs, as well as the various braces designed for other pistols. Companies will refer you to their old letters on old products. Why? Because asking the ATF to evaluate every new brace model on every single firearm is impractical. Again, we do not offer legal advice. Make sure you understand your local, state and federal laws. 

What lights does it work with?

Most Inforce lights are compatible as well as some Surefire. We’re currently compiling a list of compatible lights. If you’re unsure your light will work first check rail clearance before installing.


Do not place on Streamlight TLR-H1 and similar Streamlight models. The rails can catch on the switch and stop deployment or damage the light. Slim Streamlights should work, but please check first.

Is there an FDE version?

Sorry, not currently. We’re working on it.

Holster Compatiblity

The brace currently only works with our holster, but other companies are currently working on light compatible holsters and the like.

Do we offer Military/LEO discounts?

Hell yeah we do! Email us or DM us for the discount code.

Does it work with the 6-Second Mount?

No, sorry, we tried. We are working on our own non-reciprocating mount. Stay Tuned!

Are your products covered under any warranty?

All of our products are covered under an unlimited lifetime warranty.

The use of Glock® is merely to advertise the sale of an aftermarket conversion for Glock pistols and the makers of the Flux price are not affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by Glock®, Inc.

Any additional questions please call: 801.999.8115